Saturday, July 21, 2012

I... don't love my sister.

The only feelings I have towards her are negative to be honest.
If only people knew what it was like growing up with her. She never spent time with me and when she did it was only because she was forced to. She didn't like me.
She's disrespectful, rude, inconsiderate... Sigh. I hate to say this about my only sister in life, the only other female who has the same familial blood as me, but I can't lie. I don't know her at all. And from the few instances we interact and communicate, I'm not sure I want to.

One day when I was younger, Dinah did something that really hurt me (I couldn't tell you what it was but there were lots of times like those) so I found this picture and tore it in half. I couldn't stand the sight of it. Of course later on I taped it back together because I felt bad..
We're so cute. How could we end up like this now?

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