Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I haven't been on Facebook for a straight nineteen days now.
I'm so proud of myself! I don't even miss it that much anymore :D (and that's how I know I had an addiction problem lol, when I missed it)
I asked my twinn how Facebook was nowadays and she said it was boring now. I assumed it was because I'm not on it anymore lol. Nice to know that I'm missed haha.
I asked my other friend Sushi about Facebook notes (because you know how there's a new chain of them like every other day lol). She told me that my friend (the one who I confessed to -- let's give him a name, shall we? I don't want to give away who he is because then my twinn will know that I had a crush on him, but oh well...), my fiance tagged us both in this random note about what he wants in a girl lol. So that was when I called him and asked about it (and later confessed). He said that he's been tagging me in random stuff lately so that when I signed back on to Facebook, I'd have like 1000 notifications lol. Thanks a lot haha.
Ummm, yea. Aside from that, I got a lot of work done over the long weekend :D
I went back to school today and during my 1st period study, I really didn't have anything to do. I was so proud of myself! If only I can keep this up. I'll be, like I said, where I want to be :)
Also, today, I bought a lot of stuff for other people. I'm thinking that it's because my birthday is coming up really soon. When people give me gifts, I feel like I have to get them something. It's like the Golden Rule to the extreme. I want lots of gifts and love so I give extra of that to other people lol. Or maybe it's just because I'm trying to get out of my procrastination phase. I still haven't gotten Christmas gifts or anything to anybody. Maybe I'm just makin up for that? Or maybe I'm giving other people gifts to see that excited, generally happy looks on their faces. It's sort of a treat for me. I love it, lol.

Did I mention it before? My goal in life is to be a humanitarian. I want to help others. Whether it be by finding cures to deceases and going into the biomedical science field to become a researcher in medicine, or becoming a pastry chef to bring people happiness with my desserts, or just giving people unexpected gifts to see the delighted looks upon their faces. I'd like to leave this world knowing two things: that I brightened someone's day each and every day and that somehow I will be remembered long after I'm gone. Because to me, helping someone can be as simple as making them smile :)

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