Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sweet Seventeen: Part IV

Okay, the end of my birthday weekend. Sunday. I woke up and tried to do some homework, but failed horribly. Later in the afternoon, I went over to Sushi's place as planned. We made brownies! We mixed some chocolate chunks and marshmallow pieces into it. We thought it'd come out to be a nice gooey chocolate treat, but instead of melting, the marshmallows inflated LOL. They left crunchy pockets of hardened goo. It looked horrible, but actually didn't taste that bad. The chocolate chunks made up for the hard marshmallows, definitely. So I spent some time with Sushi, that was fun. I saw some soft pornographic pictures of male asian pop stars lol! Just kidding. But seriously, the pole that guy was holding wasn't in a very appropriate place at all lol. And I watched a cute little 5 year old girl shakin her booty like all the girls of another J-pop group, which made me realize what the media of countries all over the world are doing to today's youth. And I also watched a video of the useless talent of putting tiny sneakers on ur fingers and making it look like a person breakdancing. Hahaha.
However, when I got home, I wasn't laughing at all. I was near my breaking point. I had pretty much given up on doing homework. There was just so much to do in such a little amount of time! (Oh! the woes of a procrastinator!)
I got so overwhelmed that I thought about ways I could get out of going to school. My main option was pretending to be sick. And I would've done it too, but I had a really important test the next day...

Overall, my birthday was pretty fun :)
One of my best yet!

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