Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why are Crushes Called Crushes?

"It's about telling someone how you feel regardless of what you get back, and not waiting to find out if they want you or not." --Elly Jackson

Also known as singer of the English band La Roux, Jackson was describing one of the band's songs In For The Kill during a radio show when she said this.
I saw that quote a week or two ago. It said something to me. It was like a message. Like I've said before, I've never told any of my crushes I liked them. And it makes me a little sad. I've never had the courage to confess. That's why I'm gonna change things this year. I'm pretty sure Goofy made up his mind about transferring. It's practically set. And yes, I know he still has a thing for another girl, but I gotta tell him. For myself. So I can move on. I'll write him a little letter (like my twinn did for her crush haha). I have the gist of the message in mind. I'm fairly sure he already knows that I like him. I just don't want anything to change after I tell him. I don't want anything to be awkward. I still want to be friends with him (not like he talks to me much anymore).
I'm thinking about saying that I don't like him anymore. That the crush happened a while ago, just to make it a little easier. I want to lie, but I think that'd defeat the purpose of confessing. I don't know. I don't know...
I'm scared. This is gonna be a big step for me. I really do like him, but he's not gonna give up chasing that other girl and I'm sure he doesn't like me back. I want him to be happy even if in the end, I get hurt. Sighhh...

Why are crushes called crushes? Is it because in the end you always end up getting hurt, getting crushed? That's what it seems like for me.

Tell me what you think!
Write why you think crushes are called crushes in the comments below :)

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