Sunday, January 17, 2010

Being 16 is Overrated

Seventeen days Facebook-free! Whoo!

Your sixteenth year of life is supposed to be one of the few that are special, life-changing, magical.
Yes, I had lots of fun in the past year. I did lots of new things. My sweet sixteen wasn't as awesome as I hoped it would be, but my family and friends (those that truly loved me) did things to make it special. To make me feel important. A sign was put up on my locker. I got an orange bag with a bunch of monkeys on it. My mom got me my favorite cake from the Cheesecake Factory. And the Gang took me out to go bowling.
What else? Throughout the year, I got into Mass Juniors. Planned an underground Easter egg hunt at school. Went to see a play at my school at night, Once Upon A Mattress (starring the handsome, talented Anthony). Planned those Asian History Month celebrations. Went to the movies multiple times. Was filled with pride at my brother's graduation... and partied all night long at the graduation party. Explored Newbury St. Started Ice Cream Fridays. Planned the White History Month celebration and baked my first apple pie for it (lol). Attended the seniors' graduation. Lead the Vermonster event. Partied. Ate at cookouts. Partied. Had sleepovers with my bestie. Went to the beach. The MFA. Volunteered. Had a rockin volleyball season. An amazing Spirit Day. Partied. Shopped. Partied. Partied. Partied. lol
I even talked on the phone with a few of my friends all night long (and I don't talk on the phone that much). I hung out with my friends A LOT. And I haven't gotten my permit yet, but I will... sooner or later.

But in summary, the past year has just been... another year haha. Yes, I had loads of fun, and I'm more experienced. I became a little more assertive. I grew up, but nothing especially life-changing has occurred yet. No mystery person has waltz into my life yet.
Towards the end, my year sorta sucked. I got my heart broken by a few certain people. A few key people that mean oodles to me. And it hurts. A lot. I'm waiting for something to change this around. I'm waiting for something to happen to pull me outta my growing teenage depression. It has to happen. Because with every down comes an up. I'm trying to be optimistic. Maybe I should take a step and do something to change things on my own. Or maybe fate has other plans in mind. Anyway, the start of the year wasn't all that great, but that just means that the end of the year will be all the more awesome. And with my birthday coming up soon, things are bound to turn around ;)

Sometimes, being sixteen ain't that green. But in all the things that I did, I did them for myself. So I guess sixteen is just the year when you take a stand and start to be independent. I mean, I wouldn't have such a great bond with my twinn if I didn't start talking to her.
With that, now I wanna know... what's seventeen all about?

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