Friday, January 22, 2010

Sweet Seventeen: Part II

So what actually happened today? Let's see...
I woke up to find a giant balloon in the shape of a cupcake in my room that said happy b-day (courtesy of my older brother). That started my day off right, with a smile :D
Too bad it was too big to take to school lol. As I was getting dressed, twinn and Ninja 1 wished me a happy birthday on AIM :)
I left the house on time for the first time in months and caught my bus. Usually Sushi gets on at the stop down the street, but she wasn't there. Oh well. I still had an enjoyable ride knowing that I was early for a change. Then I got to school. Lots of people said happy birthday, even Brown Sugar when I sat down across from him! But when Goofy came to the table he didn't say a thing. He just put his head down to sleep... -_-
I was maybe just a little put down by that. Maybe so much that I had to write "just smile :)" on my hand to remind me not to get so disappointed or sad throughout the day. (I got that phrase from Goofy actually. Someone gave him that advice a while ago when he was feeling down. And apparently it worked for him. He just has to remind himself sometimes -- like maybe writing it on the back of his notebook? haha.) Yeah. So after breakfast when I was walking over to my locker, Goofy was walking with Brown Sugar and he said it, but I just stared at him for a sec then went upstairs. I don''t know why... Maybe I was still a little bothered at the fact that he didn't say it before. I'm so awkward when it comes to guys I like! sighhh...
Yeah, so the rest of the school day was okay. After school I went to eat pho with fiance, twinn, and Ninja 1. At first I was a little disappointed because fiance seemed sad or annoyed or something, like he didn't want to go and he was just bringing my good mood down. And the fact that "the others" were were waiting for Jerkie to go on another triple date didn't help at all. I listened to music and kept reading my palm the entire time we waited for Ninja.
We happened to be leaving at the same time as "the others". The girl Goofy likes invited me to go with them to the movies. Right. Like I want to be the seventh wheel. I'm sure she didn't mean to make me feel that way. Like I said, she's really nice, but that's how it would've felt to me anyway...
So we left and we ate pho (yummmm!). At one point, I observed my fiance and realized that I loved him lol. I told my twinn about it too. He's a genious, funny, caring, talented, very entertaining, etc. It just came to me, how much I cared about him :)
Then I met up with my fiancee (extra e, completely different person) at the Y. She was finishing her appointment and we talked with Joey. He's fun. Then we peppered a bit. We left for the movies but when we got there, we realized that we wouldn't be able to see Legion. I could see it because I'm seventeen now (woah! I can officially go to rated R movies on my own! yay!), but you have to be 21 to buy more than one rated R ticket and she's not seventeen yet. (At home when I told my brother what happened, he introduced the idea of getting others to buy the tickets for us to me. I never thought about that before lol.) And since it was opening day, she said that they'd be checking tickets so we wouldn't be able to sneak in. So we thought about going ice skating, but decided against it when we got there. Then she wanted to buy me a cake and we went to Finale because there weren't really any other places to go to. We stopped for ice cream on our way back to the Y. Ben & Jerry's. I asked about birthday discounts and surprisingly walked out with a big scoop of yummy Phish Food :D Next year, I'm going around to a bunch of different places and asking if they have birthday discounts lol.
At the Y, fiance talked with other Y staff while I talked to "Tim" and Byron and Saunders, basketball people. Jackie wished me a happy birthday and gave me a hug. Weird, because he's usually a jerk (not intentionally, but to be funny, you know? lol). He gave me a hug and told me he loved me hahah. Good stuff.... Then we went over to BCNC and peppered some more. That was fun. Goofy, Ironman, Dimples, and Yanyi were there. 9 o'clock came around (when the gym is supposed to close) and they were playing doubles while I was trying to get a shot in the basket with a basketball lol. Goofy told me that I should join the school's team when so obviously I sucked. But he said that they could teach me haha. He tried to give me some tips on how to shoot one lol.
So we stayed there for a good while. Before we left, I shot an awesome, strictly amazing basket without even trying :D Then we went back to the Y to eat my cake, which wasn't all that for its quality btw. There was a mild chocolate taste, but it was dry and really small for it's expensive price. We wanted to share it with the guys, but they knew not to eat it lol. Goofy said that the best cake around is Stop and Shop cake. "Just scrape off the first inch of frosting, and you're all set!" lmao.
Then fiancee and I went over to McDonald's to wait for her mom to pick us up. I got home safe and sound. I saw a box of Pizza Hut on the table and ate a couple slices lol. Before going to bed, I used the shower gel fiancee got me. It smelled really good! Like cotton candy... yummm. Finally, I fell asleep in front of my laptop lol. That was my birthday! I actually had a lot of fun. I can't wait to go on Facebook to see and reply to all the birthday wishes haha :)

Oh, one more thing. Fiancee and I were talking in McDonald's and she asked me if I still liked Goofy. I told her that it still hurts when I see him with the girl he likes. She said, "Honey, it's always gonna hurt." So now I'm thinking, maybe it's best if Goofy leaves. But how will I feel when he's gone? Will I get over him? Or will it stay the same? Will my heart always want him?

Carousel -- Paper Route; "I want you more than anything, just as you're leaving"

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