Sunday, February 21, 2010


Shoot me noooowwwww! I'm in pain. Menstrual pain. I don't care who knows it right about now. It's a warning not to get on my nerves lol. Or I'll rip your head off lmao!
Omg. But seriously. Rip out my uterus, I'm sure it'd be a lot less painful then what I'm feeling now haha. JUST KIDDING. But I took some Ibuprofen and it's not working >:\
I can't concentrate on my homework like this :(
And the party should be starting soon. Uh-oh. I'm screwed. I screwed myself...

Hey! Last night I dreamed about going back to school. I walked all the way around and went up the other stairwell just to avoid seeing Goofy while walking up the cafeteria stairs. I went to sit at a different table in the senior caf because the junior tables on the other side were occupied by different college displays (I wonder why I dreamed about that, hmmm...). There was a huge display for the BC recruiters (again, I wonder why....). So I went over to sit with my Haitian friends haha. And I sat down but all of a sudden the person I was sitting behind turned around... and it was Goofy. I swear he wasn't there before lol. So I said hi, but he kept staring at me giving me that stupid look. So I just said what. Then the person sitting next to him turned around. And it was Ruth! So I gave her a hug and asked her how college life was (I saw Hampster behind her at another table mouthing the questions for me to ask, I don't know why). She told me that she was recruiting for her school... and then I woke up. Just thought I'd put that in there. Since I don't have dreams often and when I do have dreams, they don't usually have people I know in them :)

Anywho, that's not all I wanted to talk about. I wanted to say that this spring I'm going to be wearing a lot more skirts. Skirts are pretty. And with my $25 gift card from H&M I can definitely get a cute one. The only problem is that I feel like pretty much everything in that store is meant to be worn with leggings... but I don't own any. So I could either get a skirt and wear it with stockings or spandex shorts ;) or just find a skirt that's a decent length. We'll see. Their clothes are cute, but I feel like I can't just leave that place with one article of clothing. I have to get an entire outfit lol.
So, in summary, I feel like scratching someone's eyes out and less jeans and more skirts this spring and summer. Yay! lol :)


  1. Ew... that sounded gross o_o LOL But I hope you feel better! >_<

  2. Advil helps me everytime.
    That's what I'm doing too! More skirts/shorts/dresses and less jeans. :)