Saturday, February 6, 2010


Since I haven't blogged in foreverrrr and there's a lot to catch up on, I'll just do a quick overview of the past two weeks. And then I'll talk about my day today and my current mood.

Monday, Jan 25th -- It was not a good day at all. I wanted to be anywhere other than at school. I had a huge project due in AP English (which I still didn't do -_-") and all throughout class I had this tortured look on my face. Just knowing that I didn't do my work made me feel horrible. Even fiancee noticed my mood. Actually, it says something to me that she was the only person who noticed something was wrong... But anyway, it was bad so that night I decided to execute my skip school plan.

Tuesday, Jan 26th -- The night before, I kept telling my parents that my stomach didn't feel good. Then that morning I woke up and pretended to still be in pain. I got extra sleep, but overall didn't do much homework. Overall, I felt slightly less stressed, but come 8 pm, all my worries came rushing back again.

Wednesday, Jan 27th -- Don't remember. All I remember is Ninja tellin me that I looked less stressed than on Monday lol. I didn't think anybody other than fiancee noticed...
Oh! that's right! I went to the Y afterschool. Then fiancee and I went over to BCNC and played volleyball. I was horrible. I mean, I always look like crap when playing against the guys, but that day I looked like I'd never touched a volleyball before. Sighhhh; at first it was just fiancee and I passing. Then Thomas joined. Then Chan and Tuan wanted to play. So I went with them and Thomas played with fiancee. Then later Goofy came by with Dimples. Omg. I sucked ass... Yeah, I got home late... and barely did any homework :(

Thursday, Jan 28th -- Best study with Goofy yet! We switched homework assignments. He did part of my chemistry homework and I did part of his latin. He got close when we tried figuring out one of my chemistry problems... n_n
Sighhhh, smh...
Then Win-a-Buddy afterschool. To sum it up, I bought Ninja for $10, lost $6, got cheated outta $5, and Biceps put on a crazy, sexy, wild show... as usual haha ;)

Friday, Jan 29th -- Afterschool Ninja, Twinn, and I went to eat pizza. We were supposed to go to Gally, but the trains were soooooo slllloooooowwwww! Candy of the week were my Pez :)

Saturday, Jan 30th -- Went to BCNC at like 2:30. Passed with Tingtong (she slipped in her socks lmao!). Went to Tangie's place. Ate pho with Amy and her. Home.

Sunday, Jan 31th -- Homework, didn't finish much of it :(

Monday, Feb 1st -- Don't remember... it wasn't a good day though.

Tuesday, Feb 2nd -- Don't remember... I guess nothing important happened. Oh! But I went to the Y. Met Van there. Then Joey showed up. And they were talking. And talking. I know something's up between them. I'm gonna ask Van ;)

Wednesday, Feb 3rd -- Plans canceled twice. Everyone bailed on me, not a very good day either.

Thursday, Feb 4th -- Something happened. I just don't remember what... Oh! Study. It was horrible. First off, I woke up late accidentally. Missed the first two periods. During study got called down to guidance. Found out my dad called to make sure I was in school -_- ...after I told him I was taking the bus to school. He didn't believe me. Then I went back to study. Goofy didn't talk to me at all. Or even write on my paper like he usually did. I got really depressed/fed up/put down/a mix of too many emotions and stormed out the room. Then I did something after school, but forgot what it was. It was with Ninja and Twinn, that's all I remember.
OH YEAH! We went to McDonalds after Ninja helped me with chemistry! Then I went home and my dad told me I was put on two weeks of "punishment" >:(

Friday, Feb 5th -- Okay school day. Afterschool, I was supposed to go to the movies with fiancee and Coldstone and Chipotle and Blick and all those good places. But she had to finish a test. And I waited like an hour for her. And after going all around the school trying to find her, she said she had to wait for someone else so we could go to Babycake's birthday dinner. But I didn't want to wait anymore and I didn't want to go to that dinner either so I just "went home" (AKA went to Chipotle with Ninja and Twinn, yummmm!).

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