Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm (Literally)

Okayyyyy. So yesterday afternoon I had an AIM convo with my sister-in-law. And she convinced me to go ahead with my plan for Friday, my plan to confess to Goofy. Whooo! Soon after I decided to go along with it, I started shaking. I'm so nervous about it! Like seriously. I didn't even write the note yet, and I was shaking just thinking about it. *Chiiiiiccccckkkkkeeeennnnnn*
Sigh. I should really learn to take my own advice. "Do something that scares you every day." This sure as hell scares me, but I'm going to do it. I mean, the worst that could happen is either he shows the note to the rest of the guys or he gives it all back to me. That's not too bad, is it? For someone who has never confessed to a crush, yes. Yes it is. That would probably break me. But hey, at least I have vacation to get over it! :)
Right now, I'm not sure whether I'm shaking because it's cold or because I'm thinking about Friday...
Remember that quote I used before? "It's about telling someone how you feel regardless of what you get back, and not waiting to find out if they want you or not." That, right there, is my inspiration, my encouragement. Who knows? Maybe after all this, I'll finally be able to move on. I'll be able to see ____ and Goofy together and not feel hurt. He's had my heart for too long now. It's time for me to take it back :)

What else? Today was pretty good. After school I was supposed to go to the Y, but I went to the track meet instead. Partly for the seniors who were running. I've never been to a track meet before and it could be their last. Not to mention, Babycakes being there was a plus lol. So I stayed for like an hour, but didn't get to see Biceps run :(
In that time, I saw Van and her boyfriend :D
And I played TapTap. And then ____ came with Lihn and sat behind us (us being Twinn, Ninja, and Babycakes). Then later Goofy and Ironman and Dimples and Emmi came along and sat next to them. No comment on that. It's just that I know _____'s cool and all that but I don't think we'll every be good friends. Maybe I just gotta know her better... but do I really wanna make that huge effort just to be friends with the girl my crush likes? I don't think so.
Anywho, after we left we went to CVS in Chinatown and I got a gift for my friend. It's perfect! It's so cute! I wanna keep it for myself lol. Yea. And my phone's working again. Whoooo! And when I got home my dad told me that he saw me downtown LOL. Awkward much?

Last but not least, there's NO SCHOOLLL TOMORROOWWWWW!!!! Yesss! I was hoping to finish the rest of my homework tonight, but I think I'm going to watch some Youtube videos instead lol.

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