Monday, February 15, 2010

Untitled: Le Week-end

My thoughts have been all over the place this morning. And like a hunter in the woods, I missed one step and my thoughts scattered away. I try to grab hold of them again, but I'm left with a vague memory of what was. So if I remember a thought, I'll quickly type it up.

I never got a chance to say... happy valentine's day all! and happy new years asians! lol Saturday I finally got that mani/pedi with my mom. I didn't get my eyebrows done, but that's okay. I sorta like them the way they are anyway. I absolutely love the color I chose. It's an awesome orangey-pink :)
Yesterday I went to the movies with Vtang and Splinter (Jenn). I had a lot of fun. When I gave Splinter her monkey she felt guilty lol. I don't see why. I wanted to get her something. But yea, she begged to go to Macy's to get me something. And I came home with a body frosting stencil thing kit and the words kiss me in strawberry goo on my face haha. Though the movies weren't that entertaining (Valentine's Day and Dear John), I still had fun. I realized that Splinter has a slightly dirty mind. Hmmmmm lol.
The funniest part of Valentine's Day was of the Taylors. And I didn't cry to Dear John. I don't get it. Sawah told me she bawled her eyes out to that movie. But then again, maybe it's just me. The only movie I've ever cried to was A Walk to Remember. And that was only a few tears. I didn't cry to The Notebook either thought I was close. I mean, it's a movie. It's not real. But I know it's supposed to move me.
Sometimes I feel like a robot. My emotions are somewhere deep down inside, I just don't know how to let them out. Or I don't want to...
Anyway, yesterday morning my mom gave me some Lindt chocolate. Dark chocolate... with a touch of sea salt. Ugh. It was okay at first, but then I started tasting little grains of salt *bleck* Salt doesn't belong in chocolate (unless you're making brownies). I don't care what kind of salt it is... smh.

Hahaha. All yesterday I kept forgetting that it was Valentine's Day. I guess I was having too much fun with my friends :)

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