Friday, February 12, 2010

"Woah!" The Not-So Short Story

Today was a very long day. Full of surprises, laughs, and chocolate! Haha.
Where to start, where to start?
(Oh! Btw, that "snowstorm" was a complete joke. Such a disappointment...)
Last night. I went to the Y and then came home. I planned on finishing a week's worth of online Chemistry homework, making all the notes for my Valentine's day gifts, and then paint my nails (just for a nice little change)... but of course, nothing went as planned. At first the masteringchem was easy, but then it just got worse and worse. I thought I had a good idea of what I was doing, but there were a bunch of bullish questions that threw me off and they took forever to do. So it came to be 9:30 or 10 and my dad came into my room and asked me when, according to my punishment, was I supposed to get off my laptop. 9, nine o'clock. So he added three more days to my previous 2 weeks of punishment. I just think that's total bullshit (yes, I said it this time). Like, all this week I've been on my laptop past 9 and I went to bed past 11 (though I do get home by 5 -- btw, my parents get home by 6 or 7! wth?! how do they know if I got home on time or not?). My dad didn't say shit! And now he wants to enforce the stupid "punishment"? Absolute bull. It's ridiculous! I made ONE MISTAKE and I'm gettin completely shitted on for it. AGHHH!!!
But anyway, back to the story. It got to like 11 and I didn't want to get in trouble again so I decided to call it quits for the night and wake up really early to get the masteringchem and the V-day notes done. I set my alarm for 3:30 and went to sleep.
I woke up on time and started working again, but then I heard noises and realized that my dad hadn't left for work yet (he usually leaves at 3... or I thought he did). So I had to pretend I was sleeping so that I wouldn't get in trouble. I hid under my covers. And fiancee called me to wake me up, like I asked her to. She called like 6 times lol. Thanks! I didn't actually think you'd go through all that trouble! :D *mushy heartfelt moment*
But yeah, my dad took too long to leave so I stupidly fell back asleep -_-
And I woke up to my mom coming in my room telling me that it was 6 o'clock, I was gonna be late for school, and that she wasn't giving me a ride -_-""
Just great. I was so mad! I didn't finish my chemistry homework (or any other homework for that matter) or the notes! ...And I was going to miss my bus! So I brushed my teeth, splashed water on my face, dressed, chugged an chocolate energy milkshake, and left to catch the next bus.
So far, my dad was going horribly! I got to school just minutes late. Sighhh. Throughout the day I had to write all my V-day notes in class and hand them out to people. English was strangely fun. I was so ready to get in the debate, but I didn't get the chance to argue :\
Sub for History (hung out with the Haitians! whoo!). Another debate in Latin. Probably barely passed that chemistry test. During lunch, I gave Bandit his gift. He's so cute! He got me a chocolate rose haha. Didn't do so well on the Algebra test. Gave Goofy his gift (and my confession) in the hall. And I didn't do any work at all in French.
So yea, I had a horrible school day... but somehow, I was happy. I kept smiling and laughing. Maybe it was because it's Friday or because vacation is finally here... or even because I finally confessed to one of my crushes. I don't know.
After school, I went to go eat with Twinn, Ninja, and his friends. Eagle is a funny guy lol. He reminds me of Mason *daydream, teardrop*
And I'm surprised by how much Xuong can eat O_O And he's a freakin toothpick! lol.
While getting the candy of the week (which was Tridaent Layers -- with real fruit flavor! *cheesy smile*) at CVS, I saw some old people from middle school. Xavier looks so old! Omg... *teardrop*
Yeah. I had fun. And walking to the train station I told Ninja bout the situation (JERSEY SHORE!!!) with Goofy. We're close now, so I feel like I can tell him bout stuff like that too. He better know how much this means to me!* If I tell you about my crushes, that's when you know I trust you.
Yeah. Blah blah blah. Went home. Yadda yadda. Tong invited me to go eat pizza with her, Sawah, and Thomas. But my dad being the douchebag he is wouldn't let me go -_-
I don't think he's going to let me go anywhere over vacation :(
We'll see. That's it. That was my day. I found out another major secret too, but I won't talk about it. What goes on in the trio, stays in the trio... that sounds wrong lol. Forget it haha.
Let's hope come Monday I'll forget all about Goofy and ____. Let's hope I can move on. Today was a good start, let's keep it going.
Vacation, here I come! (Let's hope I actually do my work, too lol)

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