Sunday, April 3, 2011

All-nighter? I think so.

Those college tours really f-ed up my weekend. I don't usually do any hw on Friday or Saturday anyway, but now I'm uber tired but I still have to stay up and do all this crap.

Things to do tonight:
- My research essay! (5 full pages on by 7am... all on a book that I still haven't finished yet. I think I'm just gonna have to skim through the rest of it.)
- Finish that financial aid stuff for Framingham and email RIT about their Biomed Program
- Write an absent note for Friday and get it signed
- Catch up on all my other English hw
- Attempt to finish other hw
- Contact Amherst about a financial aid package

And I think that's all I'll be able to get done tonight. More like just the first one. Because if my dad wakes up in the middle of the night to find me still working I'm going to get in even more trouble. This sucks. I have colleges to think about and scholarships and jobs to apply for and a permit test to take (because my parents keep going on and on about it, like stfu! I know I need to take the test soon. Jesus Christ. Let me handle my shit!).
And I have to sell 3 more boxes of chocolates. I was only gonna get 2 but then Van took another 6 and my competitiveness kicked in -_-
All this chocolate is taking a toll on my body. I can't fit into half of my jeans anymore. I need to go to the Y again. Maybe tomorrow... Shoot. I gotta get to work :(
Wish me luck!

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