Saturday, April 9, 2011


So this past week I haven't been getting much sleep. I've been tired everyday and I've been getting annoyed easily. (I've learned that sleep really affects your mood guys. Make sure you get your sleep!!!) Come Friday I was EXHAUSTED. I slept or nodded off in maybe half of my classes. Smh, it's so bad. I almost always nod off in precalc. That's dangerous! I sit in the front! Plus, I'm really trying to do well this term. I won't learn anything if I fall asleep! :\ Then I went to the game. I passed with Twinn :3 We went to Grove Hall with Star. Cwong's such a cutie. She got me a muffin. I hate her for it (because I told her NOT to get it for me) but I absolutely love her for it. Twinnnnnn♥ I noticed that Z kept looking at me. Stupid Vicky, if she hadn't pointed that out I wouldn't be thinking about it... a lot. And yes, he asked me to pass with him...
Anyway varsity won. Oh yea and '10 seniors visited. Donald, Thomas, Tong, Lau. It's always nice seeing them :]
At 5 I left for BCNC to play on Allan's team. I was so tired, but I tried my best to play anyway. That lasted until 9:30 or 10. Afterwards Vicky came by and invited me to dinner. Of course I wasn't gonna pass up free food (because I had barely eaten all day) so I agreed to go. When I asked her why she wanted me to go to dinner with her and her New York friend Michael she said because she wanted me to come. Awwww shucks *blush* We got drinks from DK and ate hotpot (my first time! I'm glad I got to try it!). Vicky's a cutie tooooooooooo! Thanks honey!!!! ^^ Hehehehe I'm part of the family..
I got a ride home but I ended up getting there at like 12:30. By that time I just wanted to take a shower and fall asleep but of course my brother and my mom weren't having that. After Vicky's mom left (she was going to explain to my mom what happened, but she just talked to Malcolm thinking he was my dad heheh.. btw Malcolm thinks she's sweet and he wants to invite her to my graduation party lol. My mom on the other hand... said that if she spoke to her that she would've given her "a piece of my mind" sigh -_-) they lectured and yelled at me for a good hour and it just pissed me off. My mom said that it was disrespectful for me to do that which is complete bull. I mean, I'd understand if I came home drunk or high or on drugs or if I didn't come home at all, but I didn't. I called everyone and even if they didn't pick up I left a message. I told them I was getting a ride home. How is that disrespectful? Does she not trust my judgement? I didn't say what time because I didn't know. You can't tell how long it'll take to eat in a restaurant. I know my mom was just worried about me, but she didn't need to get in my face like that. You know when I was in the car on my way home she called and told me that when I get home I could just pack my bags and leave? Yeah. She completely overreacted.
So after a very long day I was just not happy about coming home and getting yelled at. That's why I was upset. But I'm better now :]
My parents are getting on my case about everything and getting on my nerves more and more nowadays (I'm guessing it has something to do with me going to college soon). I'll be out of the house and it'll be over soon enough. And who knows, maybe things will get better at the last minute or something. I mean because things always get better! :]

That was Friday. Today on the other hand was a complete WASTEEEEEE. I woke up around 1 or 2 (lovely! lmao), made myself some eggs for "breakfast", and watched tv for a good hour or so. Then my mom came downstairs and said that if I still wanted to go prom dress shopping I'd have to be ready by 3:30. I got dressed (and was looking cute I might add) but we didn't leave until maybe 4:30. We went to one store, I didn't see anything I liked though I got the name of one company to check out. We went to my grandmama's house for a while, picked up my sister, went to At&t to get my mom a new phone (which took FOREVER), went to another boutique only to find out that it didn't sell prom dresses and then we went home. See what I mean when I say it was a waste? -_- I've decided that I'm just going to find a dress online and get it tailored or something. I have a good idea of what I want:
I don't really mind about the top as long as it's not a tube top type thing or something that ties around my neck. I want something form-fitting or something flowy or both. I don't mind patterns but I would prefer a solid colored dress. And it has to be long. I originally wanted a dark blue dress, but I don't really care anymore. People expect me to wear orange, but I feel like it wouldn't look good on me lol. That's pretty much it. It's sorta broad so now I just have to find something I really like... that doesn't cost a fortune lol.
Yea. Then I basically watched TV when I came home hehehe. That Amherst college visit has been rescheduled for Thursday instead of tomorrow. Oh yeah! And I'm pretty peeved that I got kicked off the team of bloggers for the TTT blog because I blog "infrequently". Now I just won't support it at all. Vicky's right, Anthony needs a chill pill. I hope everyone enjoys Maya's depressing love poems. It's mean, but it's true. Sorry. Aaaaaand that's about it. I sorta wanted to watch Fast&Furious and browse dresses, but now I'm just typed out. And my stomach hurts (cramps >.<). I can't sit like this for much longer... without pills haha. But this is the exact reason why I didn't get any sleep this week, because I stayed up late on the weekend and it just carried over. But you know, an hour ago everybody in the house was up. I realized that it's not just me. We're all night owls in this family. It's not my fault, it's in my genes :]
Alright. I'll blog ya later.

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