Thursday, April 21, 2011

Written in the Stars

So I had this letter all written out. It was telling him to make a move because I couldn't just be his friend. I was gonna take Star's advice. But then tonight when we were talking on aim it slipped. And apparently he didn't know that I liked him. Great, right? (that was a sarcastic great, btw)

Z Way 12:59 am
when i'm done i'll treat you to a burrito at boloco :-) ?
done as in afer my AP

yeknomgurl103 1:00 am
...i hate boloco
lol but its fine

Z Way 1:02 am
you do...
then we can go somewhere you "like" :-)
sigh .. girls

yeknomgurl103 1:04 am
i'm not even gonna say boys cuz it's just you

Z Way 1:06 am
you know it :-)
i got this...
you want anyhitng from...
this chocolate place
in pudential?
the place where you brung chup?
nvm you got prom

yeknomgurl103 1:08 am
godiva? lol

yeknomgurl103 1:08 am
i never pass up chocolate
but ill let you know

Z Way 1:08 am
you'll let me know?
dam your a busy girl....
a boy can't even treat you to chocolate...
i change my mind :P h i doont want you to blame me if you cant be fit for prom

yeknomgurl103 1:10 am
lol no, youre just a busy boy

yeknomgurl103 1:10 am
ill let you know where

Z Way 1:11 am
your choosing the location ...
dam girl...

yeknomgurl103 1:12 am
oh goodness..
just work on your essay for now

yeknomgurl103 1:12 am

Z Way 1:12 am
i acn't
i reached my limit
as an asian
btw practice vball at bcnc on friday :-) ?
or the y?
john's not gonna be here
i'ma try my best to be a passer...

yeknomgurl103 1:14 am
what time?

Z Way 1:15 am
chup will tell you the specficis

yeknomgurl103 1:16 am
why cant you? lol

Z Way 1:17 am
because its chup;s fault if anything go wrong

yeknomgurl103 1:18 am
oh goodness... keep at it! your essay, i mean

Z Way 1:19 am
what am i suppose to do :-( ?

yeknomgurl103 1:19 am
well if you changed ur thesis it should be easier

yeknomgurl103 1:20 am
use the layout i said

Z Way 1:20 am
your not gonna make any changes for me?
i think we should talk on saterday :-(
i dedicated that day to hw
i mean ms.shah's essay

yeknomgurl103 1:21 am
lmao nicee

Z Way 1:21 am
or.. i couold just fail i guess

yeknomgurl103 1:21 am
if you dont get a b or higher...

Z Way 1:21 am
should seriously help me makes those changes :-)
me getting a b for ms.shah...

Z Way 1:22 am
you funnyy :

yeknomgurl103 1:22 am
it's possible d:
especially with my help

Z Way 1:24 am
i guess i'm on my own :-( for the editing

yeknomgurl103 1:24 am
no lol
i edit, and you make changes

Z Way 1:25 am
how about you change and i edit
:P h

yeknomgurl103 1:26 am
you funny

Z Way 1:26 am

Z Way 1:26 am
i'm serous?

yeknomgurl103 1:27 am
no d:

Z Way 1:28 am
:/ h
:( h

yeknomgurl103 1:28 am
but since u can't write anymore tonight schedule another time with me lol.
i will help you write an awesome paper, i promise

Z Way 1:29 am
:) h

yeknomgurl103 1:29 am
so saturday?

Z Way 1:30 am
:) h yeah

yeknomgurl103 1:32 am
and maybe ill see you on friday. maybe lol

Z Way 1:34 am

yeknomgurl103 1:35 am
lol do you want me to go?

Z Way 1:35 am
its up to you in the end

Z Way 1:36 am
i dont like making people do things they dont want...

yeknomgurl103 1:39 am
you know, ever since i told u i liked u i put everything in your hands
so make up ur mind

Z Way 1:40 am
when? where? wha??

yeknomgurl103 1:40 am
oh. my. gosh.
well i guess now you know

Z Way 1:41 am
i just found out O_O
but thats nice to know :-)
it really means a lot that someone likes me
even though you could be joking
just to help me selfesteem :-)

yeknomgurl103 1:42 am

yeknomgurl103 1:43 am
who did you think that girl was? back when i gave you a bunch of hints. i thought you figured it out

Z Way 1:44 am
LOL i thought it was .........
whose her name...
she's in track...
i forgot her name...

yeknomgurl103 1:45 am
youre so blind lol

Z Way 1:45 am
i am...

Z Way 1:45 am
i'm legitmately blind....
over 1000+ near sighted

yeknomgurl103 1:46 am
well there. i spelled it out for you.

Z Way 1:47 am
i swear i remeber her name...
IGHH whats her name...

Z Way 1:47 am
she liked chay...
LOLS i thought she moved target or something
but thank :-)
thats nice to know cjoe :-)
even though you could be joking
just to boost my self esttem :-)

yeknomgurl103 1:48 am

Z Way 1:51 am
stop joking, when so many people go for you :/ h

yeknomgurl103 1:53 am
if i could hit you right now i so would

Z Way 1:55 am
why you like me out of all guys?

yeknomgurl103 1:57 am
i couldn't really tell you
but i know that when we first met you caught my attention

Z Way 1:58 am
cause i'm fat :-)
of course i get your attention

yeknomgurl103 2:00 am
how many times have i told you youre ripped? lol

Z Way 2:00 am
i think your blind XD?
or need some glasses

yeknomgurl103 2:01 am
no, actually i have perfect vision. we already established that ur the blind one

Z Way 2:02 am
lol .. if i'm ripped...
whats qui?
a toothpick >.>?

yeknomgurl103 2:04 am
lol it's funny cuz he compares himself to you too.

Z Way 2:05 am
does he?

yeknomgurl103 2:06 am
it doesnt matter when
jeez. you guys are so... insecure lol

Z Way 2:07 am

Z Way 2:08 am
so your not gonna tell me :-( ?

yeknomgurl103 2:09 am
why does it matter?
yes, he did. i heard it with my own ears.

Z Way 2:10 am
probably like onec...
he was joking probably :P h
LOL why are you still up?

yeknomgurl103 2:11 am
no he wasnt joking
and im up cuz.... ur up? idk

Z Way 2:12 am
maybe i'm up.. is cuz your up?

And we went on talking for a bit after that. He thanked me but nothing else... but at least he knows, right? I guess now I can say it's in his hands. Sigh. I can't believe that happened. I was literally shaking with fear.

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