Sunday, April 3, 2011


Rochester Institute of Technology is beautiful. Yanyi was right. I love the campus. I learned more about the Biomedical Science major there and it sounds like something I'd love to do. Even though my parents annoyed me very often... I had a good time. There's the tunnel system of the school, the unity house (for "minority", the black people), the international house (that has its own full kitchen to I can bake ^^), the sports, the clubs... it was all just so nice. My parents liked it a lot too. At the end they even got me some RIT clothing ;)
Sure, it's a dominantly white school and I'd be like the only black kid in my class and my floor, but I don't really mind. It's a good thing I was in METCO for a good part of my childhood. My parents are all for paying for me to go to school there, I mean it is my top choice, but I still need to consider my other options.
This morning or... yesterday morning my brother, my mom, and I visited Framingham. It was okay. They definitely pointed out how at Framingham I was sure to get lots of lab practice if I enroll in their Biology program. The campus reminded me of Curry College. I met their volleyball team though :) When we got back I got my acceptance letter to Amherst in the mail. I have yet to receive financial aid packages from Framingham and Amherst though so I have an important decision to make. We'll see...

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