Friday, October 5, 2012

Ketchup, I don't like mustard.

Soooooo... I'm just going to make one really long post filled with all the old pictures from the past couple weeks I never posted. I'm lazy haha.
First batch: The Timeflies Concert! Woooo! That was fun. We walked around and got lost (though I pretended that I knew where I was going because.. you can't not know where you're going in Boston when you're with your suburban friends who don't know anything about Boston; they start to doubt you lol). We dressed up too much. We waited in line for an hour or so then for another hour and a half inside because they were having tech probs. Good thing we got crappy seats in the stadium cuz at least we got to sit down lol. It was really fun though. We ate Bertucci's, and had Emack & Bolio's, and I saw a cut-off shirt that was being sold for $20 (rip off, much?). Then Malcolm dropped us off back to school, after driving around the world for my cousin Richard of course. But Richard and Malcolm were soo funny so it was okay.
Best quotes of the night: "pikliz pepper spray" (Haitian joke) and "I survived Rape Towers 2012... Ask me about it"
Oh! And Cal freestyled about my high school (BLA) to "Space Jam". I was soooo excited ^_^
Second batch: All the stupid random stuff I did last week. I bought a 1D puzzle for my friend's little sis and made a really cool border. I put so much effort into it... and she's not even that close to me. Says a lot about my personality, huh? Then I painted my nails because I was procrastinating. But they look cool! I tried that newspaper thing but it didn't really come out that well so I took it off and tried to do a Batman symbol instead, that came out ehh. But my NoFace is cool! :D And I tried doing Totoro but he looks like an owl :\ I still got quite a few compliments on it. That, and my hair since I'd tried a new hairstyle. It looked like I shaved half of my head. But apparently it looked good so whatev.
Last batch: I wore a cute outfit... some day I can't remember. I turned quite a couple heads, I felt good :)
Black California map print shirt, black tights, tan cardigan, green and purple scarf, black boots, pearl studs.
And that's all folks! Have a great week!

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