Friday, October 26, 2012

Some Love Story...

So I've been trying to talk to Jay more and spend some more alone time with him, but it's so freaking hard! There's always other people around in the lounge and he's busy, I can't just walk into his room all the time.
I wish I could. But he doesn't have as much free time as he used to anymore :(
The other night he came back from some party at a pub dressed in a fireman costume (sexayyyyyy!) and we sat next to each other in the lounge. My knee was sorta touching his leg but that was it. He never made a move or anything and to get his watch back (since I'd stolen it from his room earlier that night) he just kept poking me. That's it. Pokes.
Is he too afraid to do anything in front of other people? Afterall, it could get him in trouble... I don't wanna get him in trouble. Maybe we should just stay friends... Sigh.

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