Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Write of the devil and he appears!!!

What the heck! I wrote that post in the library after which I banged out the rest of a lab report. I went over to another building on campus to turn it in then went downstairs to go back to my residence hall. Guess who I saw when I was walking down the hall? JAY. Wtf?!
"(Speak of the devil..) Hey Jay!"
"What's up, Christina? You headed over to Towers?"
"Actually, yeah."
"Cool, would you mind escorting me there? I'm afraid I'll get assaulted. (Inside joke about our school, look it up: sexual assaults Framingham University)"
"Haha, sure!"
I wait a little bit, we make some small talk. He asks if I have plans for the rest of the day, I say not really but I might hang out in the lounge (haha). I talk about weather, he talks about tests. He says that I should escort him to his room too, I say that it's out of my way since he walks straight and I turn and walk down two halls. We get to Towers and he stops for something next to the front desk. I proceed to the elevators where I wait because both of them are at the top floors.
He walks up, "Good, you're still here. Look what I found." He shows me something that my friend Karpe, who lives right across the hall from me, dropped when she came in.
What are the fucking chances? Please, tell me. -_-
We go up to our floor and talk about iPods and learning how to play piano. In the end he sort of escorts me to my room since he stops right in front of my door. He gives Karpe her lost item, we joke about him possibly getting assaulted out of our sight around the corner, he leaves (and cries out around the corner to "prove us right" haha).
And that was the play-by-play of what just happened to me. I figure I'm going into so much detail because I mean, come on, what are the chances of seeing him around so much? And I guess I'm also a little.. upset maybe? Because I want to hold down my feelings. I don't want to fall into another unresolved crush, they're too upsetting. And, as I think about everything I wrote, I could definitely be over thinking things and looking to much into things that aren't flirting at all but instead playful conversation. I can see how a reader new to this whole situation could see it as nothing but two friends talking to each other, as a series of coincidences because really, it's common sense that I'd see him a lot - he lives on my floor! But that's just how I am. I over think the little things. And try to hide my feelings so that I don't fall for someone. And if I fail and do fall for them, I never do anything about it other than long from afar. That's me. The shy romantic.
Sigh, my life.

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