Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When you send a riskay text message that doesn't get a reply -_-

Sigh. Damn Kay. She made a few comments tonight that like.. crossed the line. "You guys should get married" and "stop trying to have sex with Jay!"

And I sent him a message about the married comment (luckily he didn't hear the sex one!!! Dx). It was riskay. Very riskay. I meant for it to be a bold way of saying "I like you!" (since I can't tell what he's thinking, I may as well just get it out there) but idk, with that combined with all the other notes and texts maybe I just seem stalkerish. I really hope not. I don't wanna ruin a good friendship. And I REALLY don't wanna get him in trouble for doing stuff with a resident - even if they are just rumors.
He doesn't respond to half of my texts so I shouldntve expected one but I still wanna take it back! I wanna crawl into a whole for a while until it all blows over.
Why can't text messages be canceled? :(
I think I'm just going to avoid him tomorrow. I'm gonna spend most of my time at the library. I can't face him! Sigh, damn Kay!

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