Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I had dreams about Jay all last night.

I don't think he was the last thing on my mind before falling asleep but maybe he was floating around in my subconscious at some point. I dreamed that we were in an elevator going downstairs with two other people. The elevator broke down and fell all the way to the first floor. I freaked out and jumped in his arms lol. I pressed the emergency button and we eventually got out safe and sound.
Then I woke up around 8 and remembered that he stayed up late to finish writing a speech he had to present today. So I sent him a text saying good luck on it. He replied saying thanks with lots of exclamation points and a smiley face. Then somewhere along there I was wondering how much he could actually lift (since he's so ripped) so I fell back asleep and dreamed that I went to his room and gave him a hug. Then he gave me a piggyback ride around the hall haha. I'm so weird.
Last night I also spent more time in his room. But I still can't freaking tell how much he likes me, or if he really does for that matter. I was talking to my friends yesterday and they said that everyone had a crush on him. I was just like "well there goes that!" but they told me that for all the stuff we do together, I'm prob the one he likes most, that I have the best shot with him. I hope they're right. In his room he started playing country music, which I don't like at all, so I said I was gonna leave but he was like "noooo, don't go" so... I stayed :) we just sat there. I was playing games on my phone and he was doing actual work lol. And the country songs were all lovey dovey. It was odd but I didn't mind. And apparently he didn't mind my company either.
I've been told to touch him more so I'm gonna ask him if he can pick me up sometime lol. I can get a full feel for his body ;)
Sigh... At times I feel like I'm just an annoying resident who texts him and slides notes under his door. I want to be reassured that this isn't just one-sided! I just wanna be blunt and tell him I like him. But things could "crash and burn" the second I say it.
This wait, this dance, is nerve-racking.

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  1. Christina! You're the most awesome person everr!! This sounds so much like a cute little love story! :D teheeee ahhh so excited for you!!