Sunday, October 7, 2012

Operation Johnny

Objective: To keep my friend's hopes high and to try to make him feel better, even in the smallest way.
Reason: He means a lot to me and he should know that. He also should know that he's not alone, that he shouldn't be so stressed. I want to let him know that even if he hasn't changed the world, he at least changed one person's world.

Step 1: Send him my 1000 paper cranes in the mail for good luck.
Step 2: Save money.
Step 3: Buy a plane ticket to California for sometime around Spring Break (hopefully) and visit him.
Step 4: Somehow make or buy him a cake since he never got one for his birthday. :(

As I'm writing this I'm thinking about just how quickly things change. I'm thinking that someone's life could be taken away at any moment, someone near and dear to me at that. And that's never happened to me before...
I'm thinking that our lives have changed so much in just these past two years. Look where we are now!
I'm thinking that while one person may finally be feeling good about themselves, another person may be going through hell.
I'm glad I made that outreach last night and had that talk with him, now I can try my best to help and be there for him. I can try to give back and try to do for him what he did for me.

Time, please be on my side.

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