Sunday, October 7, 2012

I feel... grown.

So much time has passed. And I feel mature, a lot more confident of myself that I did, say, this past summer. It feels good! I'm having fun, trying to keep up with those I care about most, trying to get a guy to notice me (unsuccessfully, but whatever haha). I'm not completely happy all the time, but I'm not sad. I'm content. I'm content with my life.

Maybe those paper cranes really did work, maybe my wish is coming true...

And earlier this week I noticed something. That I don't miss Honey Bee anymore. I don't feel mad or sad about the past. I'm over it. I've moved on and it's like a huge boulder has moved out of my path.

It's a wonderful feeling, being content.

I've been through the lows, I think it's finally time for the high points of my life.
And maybe now, since we're strangers to each other once again, I will meet Honey Bee again and we'll get to learn about and from each other allover again. Maybe someday.

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