Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I've been watching a bunch of romances lately. I don't think I meant to, I guess I just got bored.
Last night I watched Prelude to a Kiss, that was pretty cute! And it was funny too :) I didn't know that Alec Baldwin looked so good back in the day. Though I must say that his chest hair was disturbing..

I've spent the last week or so watching season one of Nikita too. But I stopped like 3 episodes before the finale. Honestly I just wanted to see Nikita and Michael get together and they did so I stopped lol. Maggie Q is really beautiful and she's a pretty awesome person in general :) But as I kept watching I couldn't help but notice Shane West's crooked bottom tooth. I saw it in A Walk to Remember too. Sure, he's pretty attractive and he looks good in a suit but I'm not really sure how he got all those acting roles with that tooth...

And of course I've been watching the Korean Drama Can You Hear My Heart. I stopped watching that too though. I just wanted to see Woo Ri and Dong Joo get together.. and they did :3 So there's no need to stay up till four in the morning watching those videos anymore lol. I read the recap of the last few episodes and I totally missed when he proposed to her, but I saw pictures so it's okay haha. The boy who played Dong Joo as a boy is soooo cute! I can see him going far in the acting business ;)

All these make me wonder about what guy I'll meet and what he'll be like and what we'll do together... I just hope it's not as dramatic as anything I've watched in the last two weeks lol jk.

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