Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Recently I've been looking over my past works - essays and assignments I wrote for a Creative Writing class I was in sophomore year. One almost brought me to tears! I think they're really good (especially for being written at such a young age) so I will definitely post some on here.
Not only were they well written but they were also relevant to my life now. It brought back good memories, but of course the bad ones came rushing too...
Yet overall they got me thinking that I should start writing again. I have so many memories and thoughts to write down about everyone. I want to share them. So I came up with the idea to write letters to everyone I care about (and also to those that I once cared about). It'll be a lot of work, but I think it'll be worth it. To let others know how I feel, to share with them all those memories I have locked away in my brain, I think it would bring me happiness or at least some sort of peace. I don't know...

I was considering that as my New Year's resolution, but I also just think that speaking my mind (something I already said I would do...) or writing something in a journal every night would suffice too. Maybe I'll try the latter.
Also, I'm proud to say that I've accomplished my goal from last year: be more assertive. Malcolm said that I passed that and went straight to being rude but he's just.. silly. I like the more outspoken me now. If only I could say what's on my mind..

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