Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year, New Page

So today I went to Copley with Frank-o-bean. I got those books I wanted from the library (including Where the Sidewalk Ends - childish, I know but I'm certain there'll be a few hidden jewels in there lol). And I finally got my journal! He helped me choose lol. It's not too big, it's simple, can be decorated easily, and has a secure magnetic closing (not to mention it was a great price). I love it. I love its texture. I can't wait to fill its pages. In fact, I plan to write in it more than I do on my blog. It's my New Years resolution in a way.

I've been writing my thoughts in this other book that I have. It was actually an art project I had to do freshman year. I took a textbook and decorated the cover, along with a couple of the first pages. I found it in my room near the start of my vacation and I just made it my makeshift journal. On to newer and better things now :)

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