Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Snowing! ^-^

I've basically spent the past 20 hours watching movies online lol. Last night I stayed up until 6 in the morning watching Beginners and Hotel Rwanda, then today I woke up around 11 and ended up watching Mississippi Burning. A day well spent, I think haha.

This movie was really cute. It made me laugh and, unlike Young Adult, in the scenes where no words were spoken I didn't question the point of the movie or why I was watching it. It was sweet. Plus the dog is adorable. I would definitely recommend this one.

I've actually seen this movie before, I just forgot how powerful it was. It's hard to believe that that genocide actually happened (though, honestly, it's hard to believe a lot of stuff happens in the world today, smh). Excellent for a reality check. Not so fun when you're alone in your room with the lights off at 3 in the morning... Still, learn some history from Hotel Rwanda, I recommend it!

"Hatred isn't something you're born with, it gets taught."

Finally, I watched Mississippi Burning this afternoon. It was recommended to me by my history teacher a couple years ago. From the get-go it's... disturbing, but I mean that in a good, wake-up-and-make-a-change way. I loved Anderson's character. And this was a particularly great movie choice because today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. All week I've been thinking of how I was going to take time to honor MLK on his day and this movie, with it's intense scenes of raw racism, was the perfect solution. It helped me to appreciate the world around me just a little bit more. I mean, look around! We can all work and live and attend school together. We can eat and go to the bathroom and drink from any fountain we want. This not only applies to black people but to people of all different races. And a major part of it goes to MLK's work.
Be thankful. Be appreciative. Be happy.


However, now that my movie marathon is over, I need to get settled and start preparing to knock second semester out of the park. Lehgo.

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