Friday, January 13, 2012

Lord of the Flies

Even though everyone else has read that book back in like the 8th grade, I've never read it before. So I borrowed it from the library. I remembering randomly seeing it on TV when I was younger (I'll never forget the scene Piggy got murdered...) but it took a while to actually sit down and read it because I wasn't really into it. Still, I finished it tonight... finally. And you know what I think?


I conclude that it's one of the most immoral books I've ever read. Seriously? Kids murdering other kids? That's sick. I was completely unsatisfied. Though I must admit that the fact that it did get my blood boiling makes it a pretty good book. That's why students across America are still reading it today. It's just like Kite Runner. Now that book was messed up... smh.

I think my favorite part was the part where the title of the story comes into play lol. You know those books that have really weird titles and the entire time you're reading you just want to figure out why the author chose that title? Yeah. That's Lord of the Flies. That was the most fun I had while reading it haha.

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