Sunday, January 15, 2012

Young Adult

Today I finally got to see my friend Maya. She was the only person left on my list of people I wanted to spend time with over vacation. Good thing too because she's going back to school in Rhode Island tomorrow lol. So we talked and I actually tried to be sociable and talk about my life this time. It was a lot easier than I thought. Maybe it's just because I was talking to her. Throughout the course of high school there were a select few number of people I willingly told about my life without any problems. Maya happened to be one of those people. I don't know. There are some friends who, when I'm with them, I tend to talk almost nonstop with, but with others I do all the listening and rarely say anything. Like I said, I'm weird.
Anyway, we went downtown. It was freezing cold. We ate burgers and fries at UBurger. We went to see Young Adult. It was terrible. I don't recommend it at all. It was a total waste of nine dollars. I laughed like twice throughout the entire thing and the main character's life was just... messed up. It was weird, period.

Other than that though, I had a good time. Now I'm going to try and watch a movie (from my long list of movies that I want to see) online. Good night! :)

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