Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Highlights of the Day

I'm pretty much broke because the place my parents got their massages at (it was my Christmas gift to them) charged $170 for them, not $85 like I thought they would... But it was worth it I guess. My parents have raised me all my life. Going out my way - out of my pocket more like it - to give them something in return just seems right. They deserve it. I'm proud to have been able to do this one thing for them. Even if it caused me a couple of problems and prohibited me from getting other people the gifts I wanted to get them.

I finished watching The Elephant Man today. It was really sad but it had a great moral. It's hard to believe that it was based on the life of a real person, Joseph Merrick. I would definitely recommend it.

I also finally watched Kevin Hart: Laugh at my Pain tonight. Hilarious, as always :)
"Alright alright alriiiiiight!" "You gon learn today!"

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