Monday, January 9, 2012


Yesterday, as before stated, I had a wonderful time with my friends :)
I saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while too. I saw my dear old friend Blake on the train and we caught up a bit. I saw Chanman on the street, Amy R at the pizza place we were at, even Vicky (accompanied by Isaiah) walking over to North End. It was great! Though I must admit that as people started to leave and the group got smaller, it got a lot more fun haha. Some cute guy in A&F winked at me haha. We went to Mike's Pastries and Lexy and I shared dreams (I apparently have a great life in hers). We (it was really just me with Alex mumbling along) randomly started singing/shouting "Don't Stop Believing" on the street and some other group passing us sung along too ^_^ I showed Lexy and Alex the Shit Girls Say video and we joked about it throughout the train ride home. Then finally when it was just me and Lexy we talked about how the black haired dude sitting across from us was a real cutie and how the group of guys that got on the train, tall and foreign, all looked alike. They wore nice jackets and a couple wore hipster glasses. They weren't too bad looking either. And finally that lady (I've seen her in action a couple times before) entered our car and started preaching to the 7 people in it haha. We later saw that she had a child, a boy. I really want to find out what he's going to be like when he grows up... And of course all night long we were classifying hipsters. Classes A, B, and C. LOL good times.

All in all, it was amazing, exactly what I needed.
Spending time with loved ones, there's nothing better.
Thanks Qui, Lexy, Tiff, Christine, Angie, Alex, and Richard!

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