Saturday, January 7, 2012


So I was having this pretty cool, thrilling action dream where I was hiding from these bad guys. The setting looked like it was around the 50's - there was still a lot of racism. The guys who were hunting me were white and if I got caught I knew I'd get killed. It was at night so I was in this thin little nightgown. I was going to look around the corner of a building to see if the coast was clear to start walking down the sidewalk but when I peered around I instead met eyes with this tall white boy. I quickly moved back into the alley because I didn't know if that boy was with the group hunting me or not. The boy, dressed in jeans and a sweater (like any average boy from this decade), made his way around the corner and stood close in front of me. With my back against the wall I got a better look at his face. He was cute - nothing especially jaw-dropping about him. He moved in close saying "I like your hair. I mean, I really like your hair. It's unusual - in a good way." At this point our noses were touching and all I could do was look into his blue eyes. We were centimeters away from kissing but I turned away and mumbled, "Thanks." I was thinking about telling him to take me somewhere else so we could "talk more about it" (so that I could get away from those bad guys!) but by that time I had already woken up. My alarm went off. -________________-

Don't you just hate that?!

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