Sunday, June 17, 2012

Men Are Pigs

This afternoon I left Honey Bee's house to go home. I slept over two nights in a row and technically I haven't been home since Friday afternoon. Even though I'd showered and everything, I still felt.. dirty. It was a combination of not wearing any deodorant, having to wear the same clothes I'd come over in, and a few other things that I'd usually would have done at home. Anyway, as I was walking to the train station I already felt like I was doing the walk of shame (hooking up with someone and leaving the next morning) so when some dude across the street in his car slows down to call "yo!" and me and blow me a kiss, I felt even worse.

I absolutely hate it when guys call at me  or stare at me like I'm a fucking animal or a piece of meat. Do they really think they can get a girl that way?

Instead of taking the bus I walked from the train station to my house and 3 or 4 other guys in cars stopped to call at me or stare at me or honk their horns at me. I was sweaty and annoyed and just wanted to go home. A block away from my house a car full of fat guys stopped by me to ask a question I didn't bother waiting to hear. Was it the bright Victoria's Secret bag I was holding that made me an easy target? I didn't feel pretty and when any guy does something like that it makes me feel almost ashamed - definitely not attractive.

Sigh, the only guys that give me any sort of attention are gross old pervs. And sooner or later those guys my age will grow older and probably start acting like those same gross pervs. Just to continue the cycle of douchebaggery.
Which makes me start to think that all guys are pigs. Or most.

I should just give up on the male race and be a lesbian. -_-

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