Friday, June 29, 2012

Heel Heaven!

Yesterday I went to the mall with my mom and, since she had previously said that I needed new heels to model in, she bought some for me! WOOOOOO!
We went to Nordstrom first. I was shocked they even had my size to be honest (because I wear size... large), but the woman who helped us was so nice. She brought out like five pairs for me to try. I found two that weren't wedges that I liked (wedges are considered "cheating" in YMS). One pair was blue suede, maybe 5 inches, and fierceee priced at $100.
Nice, right? The other pair was a sort of greeny-beige-tan color, around 3 inches, priced at $80. We asked the woman to hold the heels for us then left to try another store. My mom told me to check out Nine West so I went in and much to my surprise the saleswoman said they had my size in just about every heel in the store, all I had to do was pick one out. I was elated, like a kid in a candy store. The heels were sooooo cute! Plus they were having a buy one, get one half off sale. And most of the heels were already 60% off. Heel heaven, that's the only way I can describe it.

My mom would only pay for 2 pairs so I went with these.
The second pair, I found out later, also comes in a caramel/gold color (shown below).
Too cute! Agh!
I did, however, find this one other really nice pair that I will definitely have to go back for. When I put it on I was just mesmerized by how cute it looked on my foot lol.
These come in orange, blue, black, and tan (which is what I would've gotten).
I mean, who cares if these heels make me almost a foot taller than I already am? They're gorgeous!
Oh, and I was "window shopping" online yet again and I found another website with cute clothes and accessories: Chicnova. They have that pleated maxi skirt I keep raving about, but they have it in other colors too like blue and red and ... my personal favorite, orange.
One day, when I get this maxi in black I'll wear it with my new heels and a white blouse with silver jewelry... Sigh, fashion fantasies. ♥

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