Saturday, June 23, 2012


I've been going out with YMS (my second family) a lot lately. On Thursday we had a picnic event which only about 5 people went to, but that's okay - there was more food for the rest of us haha. It was fun. We ate at a friend's apartment rooftop and the view of Boston from there was absolutely gorgeous. It only got more beautiful as night fell too!
Anyway, it was really nice of him to offer his home to us like that. Too bad the next day when we went to go see Brave, he couldn't go with us. By the time he go to the theater the tickets were already sold out. Still, Brave was a really good movie. Very cute. It got me a little misty eyed actually - but no worries, it's a Disney movie so you know it ends happily.
Since we didn't want to end the evening so early on a Friday we went out to a 24 hour restaurant where we ate breakfast. Overall, I had a pleasant past couple of days. Except for the fact that Honey Bee left for some place across the country on the west coast and I won't see or talk to her for a month. :(

The Boston skyline at sunset. (I actually had to put two pictures together for this one, can you guess where the pictures meet?)
Boston at night.
One of three wind chimes in my friend's apartment. Pretty peacocks!!
And he has turtles! AHH! <3
My buddies from YMS haha.
A chair from that restaurant we went to. Actually, it was called Victoria's... what a coincidink... :)

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