Monday, June 25, 2012

My Mom is 50 years old.

And still beautiful as ever. Happy birthday! :)
We had a cookout birthday party for her on Saturday. It was supposed to be on Sunday but when my dad saw a chance of rain in the forecast he moved the date up. Unfortunately the weather was worse that day haha. There was thunder and lots of rain. But as the bad weather cleared, more people came. Then the fun started. My brother was the bar tender and my aunt taught me how to play Kings, a drinking game played with cards. I love her haha. I tried a long island iced tea and a pina colada for the first time and I must say they aren't the tastiest drinks in the world. I guess anything that has alcohol in it takes some getting used to. Whatever. I'm not that big a fan of drinking anyway.

A lovely sigh to wake up to...
A patch of light in the midst of all those dark clouds.
We were trapped under tents in the rains haha.
Sunny skies, at last!
The birthday girl's lovely bouquet, which I arranged.
The grill.
Don't judge. I wanted to take pics of stuff around the yard but the camera on my phone has bad quality..
Blowing out her candles.
The cake, shaped like a throw pillow.
The alcohol the morning after. Near-empty bottles...
The next day, Sunday, I had that fashion show to perform in. That was loads of fun too.We took the train all dressed up and got lots of attention haha. When we got to Chinatown we learned that the performances were 2 hours behind so we went to go eat...

LMAO. I love this picture.
I had salt and pepper pork (looooooove it!). Come show time, we killed it. We were much better than that other modeling group that went before us. They just did straight walkthrough. The clothes modeled them, we modeled the clothes. I got back home to find that we were having yet another party for my mom (did I mention that her birthday wasn't until today?). So I ate more food, played Uno and spoons with my cousins, and later fell asleep exhausted. Weekend well spent.

YOLO! (inside joke lol.)

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