Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome Summer!

 Funny how on the first day of summer the weather suddenly spikes up to 100 or so degrees, huh?

I hate it.

It's too hot to go outside or even do anything! That's why I went to the beach yesterday instead haha.
I biked with my friend Lexy all the way to Malibu Beach, then Carson Beach, the Boston Public Library in Copley, and finally back home in like 5 hours. I played on some swings, laid on the beach, desperately tried to fly a kite to cross off my bucket list - to no avail (I stupidly assembled it the wrong way), and returned a "lost" book to the library saving me $26 on my bill. It was a very fun, active day in my opinion. We biked an average of 20 miles (without helmets - yes, we're rebels). And we even saw a few friends along the way :) By the last leg of the trip our asses were sore and we were sweaty and tired, but we felt very accomplished in the end - we didn't give up and just take the train or bus back home. Plus we got a great workout from it!
It may still be uncomfortable sitting down and my legs may be a bit tired but it was a day well spent.

Today on the other hand, was disgusting. I had an interview with the manager of a bakery/restaurant I applied to at the worst possible time of day: noon. I was sweating in my professional wear mere minutes after stepping outside. Luckily by the time I got there the manager was still talking to another interviewee so I got the chance to cool down near the A.C. I don't feel too confident about how it went. I hesitated when answering some questions and I have no professional experience whatsoever, but he said I have a good chance of getting a job working at the counter. I just have to do a second interview with the head baker. If I'm lucky and if he sees some potential in me, he may even teach me a few things in the back in the actual bakery. I really hope so...

Sigh, it was so nerve-wracking today. I don't know if I can do that again.. with the person who actually might be able to take me in and teach me a few things about the bakery business. And if I don't get the job I'll have to keep looking...

I'm sweating already. Then again that may just be because it's still 87 degrees here.

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