Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 19

Nicknames you have & how or why you have them.

  1. Xtina - I forgot how I got it but I'm sure it has something to do with my sister and her obsession with Christina Aguilera as a teen. Wasn't her nickname Xtina too?
  2. Monkee - Throughout my childhood my sister used to call me "monkey," I don't know why. So one day I took advice from my brother, used it, and just made it my own. I found that I actually really liked monkeys from then on.
  3. Kandi (with a heart over the "i") - This one was made sometime my freshman year in high school when I met my friend Rose. We had this joke that I was secretly a stripper and Kandi (with a heart over the "i") was my stripper name. Fun, huh? lol.
  4. Cjoe -  On my high school volleyball team there were two Christina's. We were complete opposites (I was tall, she was short; I was Haitian-American, she was Chinese-American; I played middle hitter/blocker, she was the libero - we were opposites on the court; etc.) yet we became awesome friends. One day to distinguish between us during practice a guy from the boy's team (Lau) called me Cjoe and her Cwong. Those nicknames have stuck ever since.
  5. Twinn - Since we became such good friends, Cwong and I found that we actually had a lot in common. So much so that one day I decided that we were twins born from separate separate times haha. It's my way of being bonded to her for... as long as I live, hopefully. She's an amazing person and she definitely changed my life. I can only hope that I've made a fraction of the impact on her that she's had on me.
  6. Tyrone - I got this one while getting to know my current friends at FSU. We were talking one day and a fact arose that the most popular name amongst African American males is Tyrone. I thought that was weird because I only know one Tyrone and he's not even African American. Somehow we ended up calling each other those ridiculous stereotypical names. I'm Tyrone, and the rest of the group is called Jamal, Chester, Antoine, Ricky, and Trey haha.
I've had other nicknames over the years too, they just didn't stick quite as well.

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