Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Let's go fly a kite... out in the warmest night!"

Last night I went to Wollaston Beach with YMS peeps. First time I've ever been there. Even though it was at night and I couldn't really see everything, it still looked like a beautiful beach. My friends got to eat the fried clams they were craving and I got to fly my kite. Overall it was fun, eventful night. I skipped rocks, we got to eat huge ice cream cones, and at the end of the night when we got back they tried my cookies and loved them :) The glaze really was a nice addition.

That big white light is not a UFO, it's the moon haha.

And we found some sea creatures too! There was a school of tiny fish jumping around and glittering in the water, and these crabs! They were feasting on a fish! :O
It was a nice change of pace from sitting inside the house all day. Especially since the weather's been getting really hot again. The sea breeze at night was very relaxing. But today, ugh. I have to go to work with pants on. That should be a crime during the summer when the weather is 80 degrees-plus. -____-

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