Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How I Met Your Mother

I've been watching this show for the past couple of weeks now and I'm surprised that it's so good! I'm in the second season now and there have been a couple episodes that I couldn't stop laughing at. Season 2, episodes 5 ("World's Greatest Couple") and 16 ("Stuff") are my absolute favorites so far.

No wonder it's been going on for seven seasons now, it's so funny! Neil Patrick Harris, of course, has a huge part in that. He basically makes the show :) He's an amazing actor too, I never would've guessed he was gay had I not read it online previously.

So, today hasn't been legendary, but it was pretty fun. I drove around with my Mom for more than an hour and she barely yelled at me! She even let me drive her, her friend, and my Grandmama to go visit my Grandpa. I think she's starting to trust me in her car haha. She said that all I need to do now is practice parallel parking and I'll be all set for the driver's test to get my license. True story.
I didn't suit up, but I did wear this
White bedazzled BEBE tank, plaid vest, mini cargo shorts (Victoria's Secret), and silver hoop earrings.
While leaving PriceRite with my Mom I saw someone I went to middle school with working there! Talk about blast from the past...
For those of you who don't really know me, I love candy. For some reason I've been on this sugar craze lately so I've been buying and eating lots of candy. It's probably not the best for my teeth or health in general, but whatevs. I plan on working it all off by riding my bike or jogging or something later. I got a bag of these guys today
I have no idea what makes them have more of a pretzel taste, but they taste great anyway. They're probably my favorite out of the whole M&M's brand.
Oh, I hung out with my babies today too. More like watched over them while they snacked on the grass in the lawn...
My guinea pigs. Pancake on the left and Puff on the right.
And one last thing. I found out who my new roommate is! She lives like 10 minutes away from me! Hopefully we can meet up and get to know each other before school starts. The only thing is... I think she's a freshman. Technically I'm in that category too because I didn't get credits for some of my classes, but I think it'll be fun. I can show her around and stuff :)

And that's all in a day of being Cjoe. I'm filled with awesomeness, I know. It's really hard to contain it all when I write these posts haha.

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  1. LOVEE the show (: and nomnom I love m&m pretzels!