Friday, August 3, 2012

Put It Away

I was looking through this journal because I was bored and my bookcase is in desperate need of new reading material...
It's a journal she gave to me just over a year ago when she first visited my house. She gave it to me just because.
And I read this entry I made on Thanksgiving. I wrote about how I'd made pastries and everyone loved them. And how I'd felt so thankful that I texted a bunch of my friends and told them why I was thankful for them. Well I wrote a little blurb about why she was so important to me.
Originally I'd planned someday to give the journal to her. Each entry started with a greeting to her and a parting from me. I'd planned to share all my written thoughts. That's probably not going to happen now, but I want to share this one entry now:
"I never really told you why you're so so important to me and why I need you.
You probably don't need to hear it, but it was nice to read when you told me my importance. I want you to feel that too ^-^"
Maybe now I can put it all away.

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