Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Got a stack of library books I can't wait to read. Two new friendship bracelets started. Received a friendship bracelet from a friend! Getting financial and academic stuff worked out - slowly, but surely. Still haven't gotten my books yet though... Went to a popular little Italian restaurant in Rossi Square (Delfino) with my parents today. They can't dine in fancy restaurants -_-  Ate a bit too much ice cream. Still working on watching How I Met Your Mother. In the 4th season now. Still funny. Still have a list of movies to watch online. Still have to finish hanging those last 300 paper cranes. Still would like to finish that 1000 piece puzzle that I never finished. Would like to do a lot that I probably won't be able to before school starts up :/
Meeting my new roommate tomorrow for lunch. Then work. I really hope tomorrow is a good day...

An old picture I took. It fits the theme of the rest of this post..
I hope I'll be okay when September comes around. For some reason I feel like I'm on a ledge, moments away from something horrible. Maybe it's fear all this work will be for nothing.
Maybe it's fear of failing again. Of failing friendships, family, schoolwork - above all, of failing myself... again. I want things to be different. I want to be in a good place where I can feel good about all that I've done and all that I am. I don't want that confident person I was to slip away.

I'm trying.
I'll hold on this time. I'll get myself together.

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