Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mah Daii

The only noteworthy thing I did today was go around driving with my Mom. Horrible. Not me, just driving with her in the car next to me in general. I'm not sure if it's because she didn't teach anyone of her kids to drive (that's my Dad's "job") or because it's her car and she's extremely scared that I'll crash it, but she is the worst driving instructor. And she has a horrible case of back-seat driver too.
Anyway, I'd planned to go to the library and eat cupcakes and do a bunch of fun stuff today but since I've still yet to receive my first paycheck, I'm stuck doing things that involve spending the least amount of money possible (ie. staying home). So I drove around to the bank, other stores, and my Grandmama's residence home with my Mom. Maybe she doesn't understand that yelling at me every 15 seconds doesn't help me... Or maybe I should just take my Dad's advice. The first day he took me out driving he told me that the way he learned how to drive was he just took his father's car and drove off. I think he was implying that I should take my Mom's car and just go lol.
Even though I mostly sat in hot car, I wore a very cute outfit out today.
Me with a moo-stache. I think it's a good look...
Peach/light orange cotton tee with detailed shoulder and sleeves, black bow miniskirt (H&M), beaded chandelier earrings, and a black bow in my hair.
I'd been craving sweet&sour Twizzlers and watermelon Sour Patches so I was sooo happy when I finally got them. The chocolate Rice Krispies Treat was just an extra perk. They probably weren't the best thing to be eating but I think I deserve it :p

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