Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Past Week Or So

I've been around. Just dealing with shit, working, being photographed, wandering Boston, and thinking - as always.

School. Starting last Monday I had a scare that I'd be kicked out of school due to an unpaid $9,000 bill. I called them and it turns out that I didn't turn in my FAFSA. So after a lot of calls, worrying, and trouble, I filled it out, turned it in, got my financial aid (I actually ened up overpaying so I'm waiting for that $500 refund check -_-), and am assured a seat in each of my pre-registered classes and a spot in my residence hall and overall at the school. It was all very stressful...
 I also met and had lunch with my new roommate Nikera. She seems really cool. Reminds me a lot of my good friend Lexy actually... Except she's a freshman. That's fine I guess. I can help her out since I'm more familiarized with the school. I want to give her a good first year experience, the one that I never had. Hehehe... >:) lol jk. But fun fact: she lives like 10 minutes away from me over in Dorchester. How cool is that? We can like carpool and whatnot.

All that crap I went through with financial aid only solidified my hatred towards FSU. I'm really starting to think that Framingham State is the absolute worst school in the US. And that hatred is making me hate everything that comes from Framingham including the classes I took there, the time I spent there, even the people I met there. It's that bad. Hopefully I'll get over this feeling. A little time spent with my friends should heal this.

School starts up really soon. I'm gonna be moving even sooner :/ I haven't even finished my summer list. I still need to go supplies and clothing and shoe shopping. And order books. And switch out of one class. Like I said, I hope I feel better about all of this once I get moved in and get settled down.

Work. Staples has been my best job yet. I really like my boss. He's going to talk to the manager at the Framingham store and hopefully set me up with a job over there during the school year. I could use the extra cash. For books. And for that other stuff I wanted to get (CD's, books, posters, etc.). For now though, I need to learn how to budget. I'm horrible with saving..

YMS. We had a photoshoot on Sunday. At Georges Island. Military themed. Though our clothes didn't exactly fit the theme, I think it was still a success. A great experience for the newer members and a great opportunity for bonding. We had to take a ferry to get there and it was my first time on a boat actually. As a member told me, YMS "popped my boat cherry" lol. I took quite a few pictures with my crappy cell. And the photographer, who is friends with one of the directors, was really cool. And cute, I must add haha. Maybe this attraction stemmed from the fact that he took pictures of me all day long adding comments such as "wow, that looks great". It's sorta sexy, even if he was just talking about the picture as a whole and not me individually. (Side note: I would like my boyfriend to be somewhat artsy.)
I actually achieved getting his number though! That night I forgot my wallet in his car so I spent the next three days trying to get a hold of him and my stuff back. It was still fun texting him though :) *happy sigh* AND I successfully got him on that blog of pictures of Asians taking pictures of food! Lmaooooo. Mission Accomplished.

Today. I went out with Lexy and met up with Tiff and Nancy and Winnie and Alexandria. It was all pizza and pictures and cupcakes and fountains and pictures and Newbury and fun. It's sad that we're all going away to school so soon. I'll miss days like today, I'll miss spending time with my old friends.

Speaking of, I was looking at my Facebook again and I just happen to notice Ashley P's profile. She's changed quite a bit... So much so that I have no idea who she is anymore. I think it's time for another cleanup of all my friends. If I barely talked to you in high school and I am shocked to find out that you got a face piercing sometime in the last year since we graduated, I don't know you and I would no longer like to be your friend on Facebook. Then again, if I actually deleted all those people I'd be left with maybe 100 friends. And for some reason having an average number of friends online (around 300) is essential to my social media life. So maybe it's time to just take another break from that whole scene. That way I won't have to deal with friends who aren't really friends and advertisements and all that other nonsense, and just spend time with my actual friends in real life. Sounds good, right? Right. Peace out, Facebook.

Now, if you've actually sat there and read all those ramblings about my current and fairly boring life, I think you deserve a treat. In my world that treat entails a rest for your eyes in the form of pictures from Georges Island and other random stuff. Enjoy!

My "boat cherry" being popped.
On our way back to Boston. Great view, doncha think?
Oh, and I made Lemon Squares for the first time Saturday night/Sunday morning. They taste good!
A picture summary of my day. Georgetown cupcakes (best chocolate cupcake and frosting I've tried yet), a Linkin Park CD from Newbury Comics, one of the world's largest gumballs from Robin's candy store (I will be sure to post a video of me attempting to eat and blow a bubble with it later!), we played my new game Roll, Domo, Roll - a gift from a friend in YMS, I got my wallet back, I received my own special pair of chopsticks as a gift from Nancy (how nice!), and a book from the stack I borrowed from the library that I'm still trying to finish.
And a random picture of me from today...
You're still here reading? Go away! Get off the computer and go do something good for your health! Bye.

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