Friday, August 24, 2012

Brunch, Beach, & Bowling

That's what I did today. I met up with my good friend Rose and we caught up on each others' lives. So much I missed... Time does wonders, I swear. We flipped through pages filled with memories. We ate a greasy, yet absolutely delightful brunch at McKenna's Cafe in Dorchester. I'd definitely go there again. My meal was heavenly. We laid in the sun at Malibu Beach. We saw a middle-aged hipster with a bear chest wearing a fedora. We talked until we turned around and the tide was suddenly at our toes. We reminisced. It felt good. Too bad she's now all the way in Pennsylvania. She left for school tonight. I'll miss her hugs and quirky personality. Until Winter...
 Then I met up with my cousins to go bowling. We ate more greasy food. I whooped their butts :) We took pictures in the photo booth (it's tradition). Then we went to the arcade and got tattoos and Tootsie Frooties with tickets some random guy kept giving away to my cousin. Day well spent.
I think most of my apprehension towards going back to school stems from me possibly missing days like this, spent with family and old friends... That and my strong aversion to Framingham. And doubts whether I'll succeed or not this semester. That's all. I just have to leap into it. Forget all my worries and just do what I do... hopefully.

There was a playground at that beach so I got to play on the swings! n_n

It was my idea for us to get matching tattoos. Don't we look tough now? That's a true "Gang" right there lol.

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